The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is Located Downstairs at the Sunapee Methodist Church

9 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH
  Phone: 603-398-8214 (Vic Reno)

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse

Musicians Welcome Information

Dear Valued Musicians:

Thanks for your interest in playing at the Sunapee Community Coffeehouse.
We look forward to hearing your music.

On this page you will find much information about performing at our coffeehouse. Please use the menu at the right to explore our history, the process for booking a gig, performance day details, and our publicity process.

If questions remain please feel free to contact us.

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is an ad-hoc nonprofit group of volunteers. The Sunapee Community Coffeehouse's mission is to encourage & foster professional and amateurs musicians alike in a  family style listening room environment where new and seasoned performers can offer up their songs and stories to an attentive audience.
Original songs encouraged but not required.


We're a grassroots all-volunteer, concert series, in the coffeehouse tradition which in this case, plugs into a local room in the basement of the Sunapee Methodist Church (no affiliation), 17 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH. It's a smoke-free and alcohol free environment and we're an all volunteer group. Although the Sunapee CoffeeHouse was originally modeled somewhat after a coffeehouse that Randy Richards started in Leavenworth Washington many years ago, (which has already celebrated it's 15th anniversary), the CoffeeHouse is evolving with a new group of interested volunteers, making it their own venue.

We host both professional and amateur musicians of all ages who are interested in performing their original music, but certainly encourage musicians to play whatever covers that they enjoy as well. We foster new and seasoned musicians in a supportive atmosphere.

We have an official steering committee, bank account and website. In May of 2005, we were surprised to learn we had been voted “Best in New Hampshire 2005 – Open Mic” by New Hampshire Magazine. We didn't even know they were aware of us!



A 3-point formula that has proven successful in Washington and other coffeehouses is to set a tone where the audience listens to the performer, creating
1) a listening room atmosphere. (And the audience is doing great at this since we've started in July of 2004. You will find the audience very supportive! )

2) Plus we “pass the hat” during the break for the musicians. Again the audience is great, being very generous in their donations. You will not be disappointed in what you take in, although we can't guarantee what that will be. Usually the minimum has been around $45 and the maximum has been $420. If you are splitting the evening with someone else, we simply split the hat between you both.

3) THE COFFEEHOUSE IS A CO-OP: Doing your part
We ask that if you live nearby, and are performing at the CoffeeHouse you consider being an EmCee, or put up some posters once in a while, or even help out with some of the things that need doing. That will help keep music live in Sunapee. We included "Community" in the name for a reason, and hope you'll get what we're trying to do by pitching in and taking part.



We book a performer no more often than once a year. This allows others a chance to play. As the SCC becomes more popular we'll remember one of the reasons why we started the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse, by making sure we also reserve slots for local, up-and-coming artists who would like to perform.

When we book:
Fall schedule: starts the morning of March 1

and booking for
Winter/Spring schedule: starts the morning of October 1

Getting Started:
If you are interested in performing at the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse please provide links or access to your music to Victor Reno


Musicians can opt to perform at three different levels of commitment.

  1. Open Mic: For those who just want to do a few songs, or are new to performing, or haven't played out for a while. At Open Mics you may play up to three songs or fifteen minutes, whichever is shorter. Historically Mics were held on the last Friday of the month but starting with the winter/spring 2015 schedule, Open Mics moved to the second Friday of the month. If you wish to come and play, the best advice is always to consult our schedule.
    The other Fridays of the month you can sign up for.
  2. Half Evening: (one-45min set) It is perfectly acceptable to book a half night or (one) 45-minute set, where one splits the evening with another performer. This is perfect if you want to get your feet wetter than Open Mic, but you're a bit apprehensive about a full night, or you just want to play a half evening! The audience loves this setup. You split the night with the other musician, with whom we pair you up or you can find someone to take the other set. If it's the former, we'll put you two in touch with each other.
  3. Full Evening: Going for two 45-min sets. This is our most common performance evening, two-45min sets.


GIG LOCATION, DAY, TIME : Friday's 7pm : First set starts at 7:00PM/ Second set 8:00PM (approx) Door opens at 5 p.m and there will be an EmCee/Host to greet you and welcome you at 6:30 PM to assist you in getting set up. Please contact us if you will be late. The number is 603-763-4301 after 6 p.m.

As of this writing, we are located in the downstairs of the Sunapee Methodist Church, in Sunapee Village, Directions? See the Directions Page

The CoffeeHouse owns its own PA system including the following:

  • P A Head - Yamaha EMX 312SC with 8 inputs and 300 watts max output
  • Speakers - 2 Peavey PR-12's, mounted on pole stands
  • Microphones - 2 AKG's, model # D8000S 
  • Mic Stands - 2, adjustable boom type
  • Cables - 2 XLR balanced mic cables, 4 1/4 inch instrument cables

and we are more than happy to provide it for you if you do not have your own. However, if you do wish to use our PA we ask that you be responsible for setting it up, running it, and taking it down. There may, or may not be someone there to help you run it. If you are sharing a night with another performer, we ask that you touch base with them, regarding order of appearance and PA needs . If you need the PA, make arrangements ahead of time. If you do use the PA please treat it as if it were your own, with care. Thanks!!

ALCOHOL/SMOKE FREE: The community coffeehouse is an smoke and alcohol-free venue. The venue fosters a family style atmosphere. Thanks!

SOUND LEVELS : The room has excellent acoustics, and some prefer not using a PA, not even a vocal mic. It lends to a more intimate performance. If you prefer to use an P.A., our experience shows that the lower the sound level, the more respect you'll receive from the audience. Thanks.

PLEASE BE RELIABLE : We assume you'll be here for your gig. If something should come up, please let us know well in advance by calling Vic at 603-398-8214. That way we can find someone to fill your evening if you can't make it.

if you need to reach the coffeehouse after 6 p.m. on Friday night, on the night of the gig, please call us at 603-763-4301. And please do let us know if you are running late.

Guest Room Possibility for Traveling Musicians: For those traveling from a distance, please let us know if you need a place to stay. A guest room is many times, but not always, available. 



What we do, and what we don't do:

We will publicize performances electronically on our website and on FaceBook. Additionally we distribute flyers throughout the community prior to each performance. Currently we are not sending out press releases.

Please send your bio and image soon after you book your gig. These materials will help us to create appealing articles for use in our publicity. If you have a website, just giving us the web address may do for text, but usually NOT for images, (unless you have a downloadable hi-res image on your site).

Vic Reno: vreno@relightdesign.com   and Robyn Macy : robyn628@tds.net

*Your Promo Text: What we need!
A Bio can be simply a list of what you've done, but ideally, writing three paragraphs will help us to fashion into an enticing article for our website, our Facebook page and our email publicity. It really helps draw people in.

Here are some questions to get you thinking.

-How long have you been playing professionally,
-Where did you play your first gigs, How long have you been performing?
-What are your influences? What Motivates you to play/perform?
-What do you like about living in southern NH
-What type of gigs do you like to play?
-How many albums do you have out?
-With who are you collaborating with now, or in the past?
-Do you have any albums produced?



We routinely distribute flyers in Sunapee, Newport, and New London every month that cover all of the upcoming concerts. We are also happy to put up posters for individual performers as well.

Here are some guidelines for individual posters:

1) Try to keep the size down to '8-1/2 x 11'. This will make your posters much easier to place around town. 

2) Try to get posters to us before the last Friday of the month prior to your performance. This will facilitate posting since we can do so along with our usual flyers, 

3) Simple and colorfull posters can convey a great message in a small space. Including your website can tell folk a great deal in a small space.

Musicians, Send Posters To:
Al Carruth,
51 Camel Hump Rd
Newport, NH 03773

If you've played at the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse and would like any supportive feedback on your performance, just let us know. We as musicians usually don't have many opportunities to received detailed feedback, and here's a safe place to get some on anything, from stage presence, vocals, to mic techinique or lyrics. We're not experts, just audience members and fellow musicians, but we might have some observations that might be of some value.




FROM THE EAST/I-89: Take Exit 12 from I-89 and travel west on RTE 11 for about 4 miles. Turn RIGHT at the only blinking yellow light in Sunapee. Take an immediate LEFT at the white church and parking lot. CoffeeHouse entrance is in the back of the church.

FROM THE WEST/I-91 : Follow Route11 EAST From I-91 (various exits) through Claremont NH, then Newport, Guild, then find the only yellow blinking light in Sunapee and Turn LEFT. Take an immediate LEFT at the white church and parking lot. CoffeeHouse entrance is in the back of the church.
See a Sunapee Map


Vic Reno: vreno@relightdesign.com

Note: Please do not send booking requests through Reverbnation as we are unable to view submissions or respond to emails generated from that site.)

Vic Reno: vreno@relightdesign.com  -  (603-398-8214)
Robyn Macy : robyn628@tds.net

Emcee Coordination:
Judy Thackaberry jthack@nhvt.net

Al Carruth, 51 Camel Hump Rd., Newort, NH, 03773